NTA is a privately-owned company founded in 1994, based in Paris, France , with a staff having over 40 years' international experience.
We are specialised in the maritime business in every form, in particular shipping, management, and chartering of vessels in general, and more specifically:

-Tanker, Gas-carrier, Bitumen carrier
-Support vessels, Tug-boat, Supply-Boat, Crew-boat, Patrol-Boat

NTA through partnership, also offers services in the following fields:

-Ship- finance,
-Vessel hire-purchase,
-Ship management (Crew, Technical, and Commercial management)
-Crew training

NTA team includes mainly French staff, and also some British and German team members, which makes NTA more effective internationally.

NTA offers appropriate solutions for any project, analysing operational and business needs and designing a targeted, planned organisation to ensure maximised results.

NTA guarantees implementation of vessels and all offshore equipment on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

NTA is a member of several international shipping organisations, such as BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) and FONASBA (International Maritime Organisation) and is registered with IMO (International Maritime Organisation) under Shipowner's ID No. 1896584.


NTA's customers

-National and international industrial companies and trading companies
-International and governmental organisations
-Oil & Gas
-Civil Engineering
-Marine Industry & Engineering
-Governmental Organisations (e.g. Ministry of Defence, NATO)
-International Organisations (e.g. UN, UNICEF)

List of naval means applicable to our offer

-Tanker for heavy and light products
-Storage tanker
-Gas-carrier for LPG
-Hotel barge
-Work hotel barge
-Pipelay Barge
-Tug boat
-Supply boat
-Deep-sea barge and semi-submersible barge
-Patrol boat, Launch
-Roro ship
-Multi-purpose carrier
-All support units related to offshore operation


Chartering & Brokerage

NTA's basic mission is to act as an intermediary between Ship Owners and Customers active in moving cargoes.
Our role consists of assisting both parties to conclude vessel chartering or shipping contracts.
NTA can also act as the authorised agent of the Ship Owner or the Customers and combine the two separate capacities of broker and authorised agent.

To fulfil these missions:

NTA consults the markets to find the best cargo for the vessel or the most suitable vessel for the cargo.
NTA assists its clients and monitors contracts at all the stages within the shipping process in compliance with international rules and regulations.
NTA verifies the proper execution of chartering contracts.
NTA is backed by a modern fleet of vessels compliant with international classification and certification criteria.
NTA can arrange Voyage Charter, Time Charter or Bare Boat Charter contracts.

Technical vessel management

NTA manages all the technical services required for ship operation. Our obligation of performance vis-à-vis our clients covers, amongst other items:

-Maintaining the vessel at the highest level within its classification.
-Maintaining vessel safety certification and national and international regulatory certification.
-Maintaining operational availability 24h/24h, 365 days per annum.

Commercial vessel management

NTA manages the marketing of all types of vessels via our network of agents and brokers.
Our obligation of performance vis-à-vis our clients covers, amongst other items:

-Detailed understanding and continuous surveillance of chartering requests.
-Continuous awareness of available cargo.
-Negotiation and monitoring of chartering and shipping contracts.

Sale and purchase of new or used vessels, vessel conversions

NTA's basic mission is to act as an intermediary between shipyards or vessel sellers and buyers. Our role consists of assisting both parties to conclude vessel sale or purchase contracts.

NTA has set up a vast network of shipyards, sellers and buyers to achieve extensive market coverage.

NTA provides an analysis of the potential buyer's operational vessel requirements and the potential vessel seller's financial and commercial goals.

-Investment analysis, special traffic analysis, assessment.
-Expertise, vessel inspection.
-Drafting the needs analysis and specifications and arranging the consultation process.

Financial services

NTA can work in close cooperation with its clients to organise the financing of vessels sold by our "Vessel Sales & Purchases" department.

This department assists buyers to plan and arrange contract financing:

-Standard and innovative financing arrangements.
-Financial engineering assistance.
-Purchases of vessels or any floating units under hire purchase, leasing with purchase option contracts or Bare-boat hire purchase.

Consultancy Services

NTA offers a comprehensive range of maritime consultancy services, and notably advice on:

-Upgrading second hand vessels.
-Dry dock work supervision.
-Vessel inspection
-Setting up commercial partnerships.
-Maritime investment advice.


Office representations

Head Office

251 Boulevard Pereire - 75017 Paris, FRANCE

Tel.: +33 (0) 140 555 777 -- Fax: +33 (0) 140 551 600

Website: www.nta.fr

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